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Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile shelving is a high-density storage system used in a variety of environments from offices to warehousing. By fitting standard bays of shelving onto mobile bases the number of pick aisles can reduce increasing storage capacity by over 70%.

Utilising necessary storage could rule out the option of office relocation or subsequently financing expensive off-site storage. During economic uncertainties mobile storage can support decisions to downgrade in space, restructure and reorganise.

PRO-DEK can advise on the system which is best suited to your business, flooring available and desired weight upon it. Each of our systems ranging from basic office shelving to substantial warehouse archiving systems are designed to allow an effortless hand operating wheel to gear the system.

There are multiple types of mobile shelving and a huge variety of items which can be stored, you have the opportunity to store almost anything.



Thomas Cook recently acquired a brand new warehouse facility at the newly created Airport City (Manchester Airport) to create a bespoke Part 145 storage facility for the storage and management of aircraft parts to support its fleet of aircraft. "The investment and opportunity given by our management team supporting us meant we wanted to ensure we …

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PRO-DEK Design & Storage Systems Ltd are celebrating 25 Years of business, providing industry with increased productivity through accomplished solutions for the storage and handling of goods in a warehouse environment. Established in 1993, PRO-DEK initially focused on manufacturing mezzanine floors and cantilever racking systems. In 1996 after th …

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Greenhead College of Huddersfield is widely acknowledged to be an outstanding provider of education with a history of excellence. PRO-DEK buddied up with the leading college in West Yorkshire to create a mezzanine floor fit for their syllabus. With a growing student population, it was important that a mezzanine floor was designed to create a safe and …

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